Видео: Child of Eden Soundtrack - Beauty

Child of Eden Soundtrack: Beauty Archive (Full)

Full soundtrack to Child of Eden's third stage, the Beauty Archive. Remixed from Genki Rockets Champagne Breeze Mix.

Child of Eden Soundtrack - Passion (Full)

UPDATE: FLAC version with pieces in correct order: http://tinyurl.com/cbse483 Music from Child of Eden's Passion archive.

Child of Eden Soundtrack - Evolution

Single (320kbps): http://www.mediafire.com/?dq23f400xdtodcm All archives: http://wp.me/p1vVDW-3n Images: ...

Child of Eden Soundtrack - Journey / Flow

Flow (Child of Eden Mix) can be purchased on iTunes if you search for Genki Rockets. Single (256kbps mp3): ...

Child of Eden Soundtrack: Passion Archive (+ Lyrics)

Music played during Child of Eden's fourth stage, the Passion Archive. Remixed from the Genki Rockets song "Maker". Download ...

Child of Eden Soundtrack - Hope

Single (320kbps mp3): http://www.mediafire.com/?436ksbvvl05u8zc All archives: ...

Child of Eden Soundtrack - Matrix (Full)

Matrix, now with the last half. All archives up. Download link below like usual. Single (256kbps): ...

Child of Eden Soundtrack: Genki Rockets - Champagne Breeze Mix (Beauty Archive)

Remix of the song Breeze by the Genki Rockets, used in the third stage of Child of Eden, the Beauty Archive.

Longplay of Child of Eden

Longplay of Child of Eden, played as the PAL version on the PlayStation 3. This game's version was released on Sep. 30th, 2011.

Child of Eden Soundtrack: Journey Archive (Final Boss & Climax)

Remix of Heavenly Star by the Genki Rockets, played during the final boss of Child of Eden.

Child of Eden Soundtrack: Genki Rockets - Flow (Journey Archive, Eden Tree & Credits) + Lyrics

Final song that plays in Child of Eden, during a euphoric circle around a tree of bliss comprised solely of the happiest moments of ...

Child of Eden OST - Evolution (Star Line)

I'll upload the rest of the OST if requested.

Child of Eden - Star Line 【full song】

Star Line (stratos remix) by 元気ロケッツ Genki Rockets. Return in honour of it's use in Mizuguchi's new synæsthesia project Child ...

Child of Eden - Beautiful Soundtrack :)

This music brought a tear to my eye especially when I watched the trailer... her it iis if you want to watch it: ...

Child of Eden - Opening

Oh yeah, it's time to -- oh wait, this is just the intro. Gotta wait a few more minutes. (Yeah, this is pretty... pretty... uh... interesting.)

child of eden OST - 02 Beauty 1

soo i left this on repeat for an hour and didnt realize it.

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