Видео: Jorne Keyboard vs Trackpoint Module

Trackpad in a Keycap for Corne/CrKbd keyboard!

Read my blogpost to learn more about this! https://vlukash.com/2019/01/15/trackpad-in-keycap-corne-c...

Lily58 Quick Unboxing

Unboxing this 6×4+4keys column-staggered split keyboard. ▻Watch me live on Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/misterkeebs/ ▻Join ...

Jorne Keyboard Classic v2.0 vs nRFMicro 0.03

Jorne Classic v2.0: https://github.com/joric/jorne nRFMicro: https://github.com/joric/nrfmicro Soundtrack: I Paid Musicians on Fiverr ...

Low Profile Kyria Typing Test

Kyria v1.0 Titanium and Acrylic Case Devlin Pennine Keycaps Zealios 62g v2 Switches Dual Rotary Encoders.

Jorne Keyboard Classic v2.0 PCBs

for 5 PCBs including shipping from jlcpcb. Forgot mounting holes, lol (fixed in 2.1). Github: https://github.com/joric/jorne Wireless ...

corne with lubed healios

CRKBD/Corne Healios lubed with 3204 and silicone oil 3mm acrylic plate corne pcb with smd dioes, kailh hotswap sockets and ...

FPS játék Trackpoint al

bacsis megmutatja, igenis lehet laptop beépített (trackpoint) egerével játszani, akár FPS-t is.

[ErgoTaiwan] How to install backlights(SK6812mini) on Corne/Crkbd (中文, English subtitle),

如何安裝Corne/Crkbd 的SK6812mini,如須購買Corne/Crkbd 的完整品(免焊接),可至https://ergotaiwan.tw 選購.

Kyria WPM Calculator Demo

As first displayed in his Reddit post, u/brickbots shows how he shows his typing speed on the OLED display of the Kyria keyboard.

Corne (CrKbd) keyboard build log

My blog post: https://vlukash.com/2019/01/14/corne-crkbd-keyboard-build/ Image gallery: https://imgur.com/a/wfaoLxa Intro - 0:00 ...

Dactyl manuform mini typing test

Wooden PLA keyboard with wood and acrylic bottom plate, aliaz modded with 35g springs and lubed with tribosys 3204 Github: ...

Corne CIO+ Proto 2 Typing Test

Corne MX Hotswap PCB CIO+ Prototype Case dev/tty MT3 Keycaps Zeal 65g v2 Zilent Switches The CIO+ prototype case ...

Jorian Christmas Edition (Director's Cut)

44-key 16-column wireless keyboard in a 100x100 mm PCB ($2 for 10 pcs) Github: https://github.com/joric/jorian Soundtrack: ...

IMK Corne Typing Test

Corne MX Hotswap IMK Case GMK Oblivion v2 Keycaps Holy Panda switches lubed w/ Tribosys 3204.

Corne Split Keyboard Typing Test

Here is a typing test of my Corne build. Case is 3d printed with Hatchbox White PLA with a modded Ender3 Pro printer, Dynamat ...

Обзор KeyHive Corne

Распаковка заказа.

IMK Corne Caseを買ってみた

2019年6月に遊舎工房にて行われたグループバイ(GB)にてIMK Corne Caseを買ってみました。質感がよくカッコよさと実用性を兼ね備えたケースでした ...

Опубликовано: 22 Апр 2019

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